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Many websites and publications have lists of banned words, or style guides which discourage copywriters or journalists from using certain words and phrases. I thought I’d put together my own. It’s slightly tounge-in-cheek but maybe I’ll add to it in the future. I’d love to hear words that other people try to avoid.


  • Synergy
  • Incentivise
  • Action (as a verb)
  • Diarise
  • Verbalise
  • Impactful
  • Per se
  • Furthermore
  • Utilise
  • Going forward
  • Prior to
  • Guru
  • Triumph (as a verb)
  • More certain

Use sparingly

  • Humdrum
  • Caterwaul
  • Simplistic
  • Literally
  • Any Latin term
  • Passion

I’m sure there are a lot more that should be on this list. I’m also sure I’ve utilised used words on this list plenty of times.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge lives and works in Sydney. He specialises in web content including SEO and social media. He also writes about craft beer, art, culture and football.

Feel free to contact him on Twitter @timothyhodge, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Tim Hodge

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I’m Tim, a human being living in Sydney, Australia. I spend a lot of time despairing over Leeds United and the rest of it writing, making/looking at art, reading, watching films and dabbling in SEO, social media and content marketing.

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