Toasted sandwiches (Part 4)

Part 4 arrives and it’s just as bleak. Kind of mixed it up with the recipes this time but there’s still loads that I want to try. Need to actually sort myself out and get some weird and whacky recipes going.

This is fairly tame but check it out.

You can go back and read part one, part two and part three, if you really want.


Cheese and Worcestershire sauce – with crispy cheesy crust

Cheese and worcestershire sauce

  • Filling: Loads of grated tasty cheese and loads of Worcestershire sauce
  • Bread: Thick white sliced
  • Method: Frying pan (butter and olive oil)

This is the classic cheese on toast recipe, especially for people in the UK. So obviously it’s going to be beautiful sandwiched together.

I piled up heaps of grated tasty cheese (although perhaps a sharp cheddar would’ve been better), and splashed on a serious amount of Worcestershire sauce. I wanted it dripping with the stuff.

Into a hot pan and then the twist. After browning both sides I threw more cheese and Worcestershire sauce on top of the bread and with a quick flick of the wrist flipped it and had the cheese frying and creating that delicious crispy crust on the outside of the sandwich. Repeating this on both sides with extra splashes of sauce made a delicious exterior to the sandwich. A classic toasty.

Nutella and Banana chocolate croissant

Nutella and banana croissant

  • Filling: Nutella and sliced banana
  • Bread: Chocolate croissant
  • Method: Frying pan (buttered)

A chocolate croissant, sliced with heaped spoonful’s of Nutella smothered inside it. A sliced up banana stuffed inside and smashed into a pan with browning melted butter. The heat was high then turned down low but I slightly misjudged it, meaning by the time the Nutella had started oozing out, the chocolate and sugar coated exterior of the croissant had started to blacken.

This was a great way to ensure an early morning cardiac arrest.

Macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese

  • Filling: Macaroni cheese (tasty cheese and mozzarella)
  • Bread: Thick white sliced farmhouse loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

This is one I’d been looking forward to for a while. I may or may not have had a few beers when I made this.

Firstly, I whipped up a batch of mac n cheese. Although maybe whipped up is an exaggeration. My reaction times may or may not have been somewhat impaired.

I followed a pretty simple recipe, and I may or may not have destroyed a pan in the process. I didn’t bother grilling but did make sure to stir in extra clumps of mozzarella, before spooning great mounds of it on top of cheese coated bread.

It went into a pan with hot olive oil so the mac and cheese spilled out, frying around the crusts of the bread. I threw in more cheese just to make sure and left it in the pan just long enough to brown and crisp the bread.

The cheese was oozing out, pasta was falling everywhere, the mozzarella was stringy and making a complete mess. It was fantastic. I may or may not have failed to finish the beer I was enjoying and I may or may not have fallen asleep soon after.

Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Rocket

Prosciutto rocket mozarella

  • Filling: Mozzarella, prosciutto, baby rocket
  • Bread: Thick sliced white farmhouse loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

This was approaching peak sandwich for me.

Thick slices of mozzarella layered on the bread, then a mound of rocket, multiple slices of prosciutto all folded up, intertwined and piled high, before a touch more rocket and extra mozzarella just to be sure.

It went into a pan with hot oil and was turned down to minimal heat immediately. I left it to simmer away, occasionally applying gentle pressure to the top slice.

This was one of those sandwiches that sings to you when it’s ready. The cheese begins to ooze and it carries the corners of the prosciutto and small bits of rocket out from between the bread and onto the oil in the pan. The sizzle tells you it’s ready.

It tasted phenomenal. It’s one of those classic Italian combination that I could eat every day.

Strawberry and Nutella chocolate croissant

Strawberry and nutella croissant

  • Filling: Nutella and sliced strawberry
  • Bread: Chocolate croissant
  • Method: Frying pan (buttered)

This was the same as the banana one above, but instead I used sliced strawberry. Aussie strawberries just aren’t as good as English ones. And I was kind of scared of the croissant burning again so didn’t leave it in long enough. The strawberries didn’t get to be as gooey and warm as I wanted which was annoying. It still tasted good though.

Salmon and cream cheese

Salmon and cream cheese

  • Filling: Philadelphia light cream cheese and Tasmanian smoked salmon
  • Bread: Sourdough loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

This is one of my favourite sandwich fillings. I went the whole hog (or the whole fish?) this time with thick slices of sourdough with loads of cream cheese and a big stack of smoked salmon slices. In the pan for a while, on a low heat, the salmon started to crisp and crumble on the edge as it became more opaque and that beautiful creamy pink colour. It was incredible.

Corned beef and cheese

Corned beef and cheese

  • Filling: Slices of corned beef and grated tasty cheese
  • Bread: Sourdough loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (butter and olive oil)

So this was post-GABS and after struggling through two hours of football. My mind wasn’t in the best possible condition.

I was supposed to put lashings of Dijon mustard on this but completely forgot. I also wanted some pickles in the mix but that thought deserted me at the pivotal moment.

This sandwich wasn’t what it could have been but it still filled the sizeable hole that comes after a beer festival and playing football. I used big chunky sourdough slices, a pile of grated cheese and about half a can of corned beef, piled high. The edges of the beef were sizzling and frying. I left it in the pan for ages but mainly because I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Seriously, it took me about half an hour just to open the can. It was a lazy disgusting sandwich for a lethargic afternoon but it hit the spot.

Nachos tortilla

Nachos tortilla

  • Filling: Corn chips, salsa, guacamole, tasty cheese
  • Bread: Wholemeal tortilla wrap
  • Method: Jaffle maker (olive oil)

I’m so glad I did this the way I did. It tasted seriously good.

A wholemeal tortilla, piled up with grated tasty cheese, a layer of corn chips, heaped spoonfuls of salsa and a dollop of homemade guac. Another layer of cheese, then loosely folded over and stuck into a hot, oiled jaffle maker.

You should’ve heard this bad boy sizzle! The cheese melted beautifully. I didn’t fully close the jaffle maker so the corn chips didn’t crack or crumble.

It was seriously good and so morish. I could have eaten a pile of them.

Countdown to cardiac arrest

Let’s be realistic. It’s only a matter of time.

Future recipes will involve ricotta (though not necessarily in the next post). I’ve also had a couple of requests so I might have to do them. I’ve also thought of some seasonal fillings with ideas of Christmas and summer.

If you have ideas, hit me up.

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