Toasted Sandwiches (Part 3)

I’ve realised this toasted sandwich adventure is more than that. It’s a campaign. A campaign against good taste and good health.

This time round I’ve reached the zenith of artery clogging poor taste. Thanks in part to mascarpone, outwardly the most angelic cheese in existence but secretly a dangerous devil.

If you want to you can read part one and part two here.

Jensen Red / Granny Smith

  • Filling: Jensen Red cheese and sliced Granny Smith apple
  • Bread: 7 seed and grain sliced brown bread
  • Method: Frying pan (butter and olive oil)

Jensen red cheese and granny smith apple

Jensen red cheese

This cheese has a soft orange (washed?) rind. It stinks. It stinks even more when it’s been sizzling in a pan.

Some wholesome grainy bread, layered slices of this oozing Jensen Red cheese with thin slices of tart and tangy Granny Smith apples. The cheese has a low melting point and the contrast between the rich, funky and creamy cheese and the tart, crisp and juicy apple was as good as you’d expect.

Cheese and apple is a classic combo and this took it to a new level.

Maple Bacon Mascarpone

  • Filling: Maple bacon, maple syrup, mascarpone
  • Bread: Thickly sliced brioche
  • Method: Frying pan (buttered)

Mascarpone maple bacon

Spreading mascarpone and maple syrup

Maple bacon mascarpone cooking

This was criminal. But I regret nothing (until the massive coronary hits).

Thickly sliced brioche, spread with maple syrup. Thickly spooned on mascarpone, with crispy maple bacon (boy this bacon sizzles), with a dash more maple syrup and an additional dollop of mascarpone to top it all off.

Fried on a little bit of hot butter (didn’t want to make the brioche soggy), it browned up nicely.

It looked a lot better out of the pan than the photo suggests (seriously, look at the absolute state of that sandwich!). It was incredibly hard to cut because of the thick crispy bacon and the soft brioche and oozing mascarpone.

It was a hot mess to eat but so fun. I scoffed it down and would do it again and again.

Had I got a better photo I’d be winning at Instagram right now. Instead, I’m just winning at life (or at least the toasted sandwich game)! Until I die.

Mascarpone and Nutella

  • Filling: Errrm… mascarpone and Nutella
  • Bread: Brioche
  • Method: Jaffle maker (buttered)

Mascarpone and nutella

I just had to do it. And I did it simply. I can’t emphasise enough how good this combo is.

Two slices of brioche with thick dollops of mascarpone spread onto each slice. On one I spread a healthy spoonful of Nutella, and spread it around so the mascarpone and Nutella marbled.

One slice on the other, melted butter on the hot plate of the jaffle maker and away we go.

This doesn’t need a full jaffle cycle (another technical term), the sweet bread browns very quickly and the Nutella and mascarpone soon start oozing so you need to watch it carefully. Nor did I fully close the press. I didn’t want to destroy the natural fluffiness of the brioche.

Would eat a million of these. And then die in a pool of my own exploded heart juices but I’d have a smile on my face.

Mascarpone and Cinnamon Apple

  • Filling: Mascarpone, some diced caramelised apple, sliced apple
  • Bread: Brioche
  • Method: Frying pan (buttered)

Mascarpone and cinnamon apple

This was a beautiful combination but again quite hard to eat. I really loaded it up, more than it looks in the picture. I diced up a third of a Royal Gala apple (on special at Coles), and caramelised it in a hot buttered frying pan, with cinnamon sugar.

I spread lots of mascarpone on the brioche and then layered slices of apple, sandwiching the caramelised apple in between. Into the pan with hot butter and some residual cinnamon sugar. It was tricky to eat but it was a beaut!


Mascarpone and Honey

  • Filling: Mascarpone and honey
  • Bread: White sliced, decrusted
  • Method: Jaffle maker (buttered)

Mascarpone and honey

Super simple. Decrusted some white bread (just thought it would be better that way), spread on the last of the mascarpone with a good heaped teaspoon of honey drizzled on. Onto a hot buttered jaffle maker. Didn’t take long as everything soon started oozing out.

Very small, very quick, very satisfying.

Cheese and Mackerel

  • Filling: Grated tasty cheese and mackerel
  • Bread: Thick white sliced farmhouse
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

mackerel and cheese

I hate the word guilty pleasure but if I did have one (or like seventeen) mackerel and cheese on toast would be one of them (totally sound like Nigella).

Got in from football completely starving and this was a godsend. Two slices of thick white bread, loads of grated tasty cheese, a tin of mackerel in oil (pro tip: look in the European section in Coles for the good stuff), more cheese. Whacked into a pan with hot olive oil.

Cheese fell out and created that delicious crust. Easy, pre-prepared ingredients and immensely satisfying. Boshed this down way too quickly.

Next time…

I didn’t really go for the super whacky recipes this time round so I guess they’re closing in. Maybe next time there’ll be some weird combos or just plain disgusting monstrosities.

Update: >> Part 4 is slightly less disgusting >> and >> Part 5 is decent >>

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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Tim Hodge

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