Toasted Sandwiches (Part 2)

Moooooaaaaarrr toasties…

If you haven’t checked out part one of my toasted sandwich adventure, go there first.

Or not, you could just look at these bad boys.

Cream cheese, honey, strawberry

  • Filling: Cream cheese, honey, strawberries
  • Bread: White sliced bread
  • Method: Jaffle maker (buttered)

cream cheese strawberry honey toasted sandwich

This didn’t go quite to plan but it was kind of alright. White bread spread with cream cheese. I used frozen strawberries because that’s what I had but I also thought that toasting from frozen might prevent the strawberries turning into molten jam and irreparably destroying my tastebuds.

In reality, they just came out a bit firm and cold by the time the bread had toasted. The honey was a necessary addition but in future I’d probably add more and perhaps whip it up with the cream cheese. Not great but not totally awful either.

Pro tip: don’t bother buttering the bread. Melt butter in microwave and apply to jaffle maker using kitchen roll or a brush.

“Pepperoni pizza”

  • Filling: BBQ sauce, tasty cheese, mozzarella and pepperoni
  • Bread: Thick sliced white farmhouse loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

pepperoni pizza toastie

I’m almost tempted to say there was too much cheese in this but naaaah. I applied a thin spread of BBQ sauce to the bread (but you could use pizza sauce or just plain ketchup) then I layered on grated tasty cheese, thick slices of mozzarella and a pile of sliced pepperoni.

I then reversed the layers with more mozzarella and finishing with more grated cheese. This was dropped onto hot olive oil and turned to a very low heat and allowed to gently crisp up. The cheese was flowing deliciously at the end. This is what you want from a cheese toasty.

I added more oil to the pan before I flipped it just to ensure it was nice and golden and didn’t start to burn.

This is one of the best and messiest toasted sandwiches I’ve made so far.

Spinach and fetta

  • Filling: Spinach and marinated fetta (with some grated tasty cheese)
  • Bread: Thick sliced white farmhouse loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

spinach and fetta toasted sandwich

I loved this combo, although the fetta was pretty salty. A very thin layer of grated tasty cheese just to provide an even base melt (sorry for all the jargon), then loads of spinach leaves, cubes of marinated fetta and more spinach leaves with just a tiny bit of grated cheese to finish.

Same as above, dropped onto hot oil before turning it down. Reapply oil to pan before flipping. Some of the grated cheese fell out, frying and crisping on the pan. It was fused to the bread crust and it was incredible. It’s just one of those magical cheese toasty accidents you always hope and dream for.

If I did this again I might try it in the sandwich maker to get that flat spinach and fetta gozleme vibe happening.

A solid cheese toasty!

BBQ Beans and Cheese

  • Filling: Baked beans with BBQ sauce and grated tasty cheese
  • Bread: Thick sliced white farmhouse
  • Method: Frying pan (butter)

bbq beans and cheese toasty

This was another sick, messy, gross (in a good way) toasty. Hot beans with BBQ sauce piled on stupidly high between layers of grated cheese. The cheese and beans spilled out, frying on the bottom of the pan and crisping up.

If I did it again I’d add more BBQ sauce to the beans.

It was difficult to eat but it hit the spot. This is comfort food!

Special ANZAC Day biscuit smore sandwich thingy

  • Filling: Nutella, peanut butter, mini marshmallows
  • Bread: Erm… ANZAC biscuits
  • Method: Foil wrapped in oven

anzac biscuit nutella peanut butter marshmallow smore sandwich preparation anzac biscuit nutella peanut butter marshmallow smore sandwich

Okay, this isn’t a toasted sandwich but it was decadent and just crazy.

Two ANZAC bickies, Nutella and peanut butter, mini marshmallows smushed into it, then sandwiched together, wrapped in foil and backed.

The biscuits got all crumbly with the fat content melting. It was super easy to eat and I pretty much drank it down. It was so good. 10/10!

Blue Cheese and Bacon

  • Filling: Blue cheese and fried bacon
  • Bread: Thick sliced white farmhouse loaf
  • Method: Frying pan with butter

blue cheese and bacon

This was salty but really great. I should have got the bacon much crispier but I always struggle with that. The blue cheese packed a punch but it oozed out all gross but in a good way. It’s hard to get onto the bread though, I sort of crumbled it on.

A really simple combo but it hit the spot.

Served with salad, don’t ask me why.

Blue Cheese and Dill Pickles

  • Filling: Blue cheese and sliced dill pickles
  • Bread: 7 seed and grain brown sliced loaf
  • Method: Frying pan with butter and olive oil

blue cheese and dill pickles

This is gross. This is sick in the head. But it was so tasty. Eat this and people won’t come near you for a month.

Served with salted pretzels.

Cheese and Onion

  • Filling: Grated tasty cheese and sliced red onion
  • Bread: 7 seed and grain brown sliced loaf
  • Method: Frying pan (olive oil)

cheese and onion toasted sandwich

Lots of the grated cheese fell out making that crispy, fried cheesy mess that I loved. The onion was fresh so came out with a bite but it’s such a classic combo it was always going to work.

Served with a big salad with olives and fetta.

More recipes to come

I have some pretty whacky recipes in mind. As well as quite a few featuring mascarpone which I’ll probably pack into one weekend.

If I don’t post a part three in the next month I’ve had a heart attack and died.

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Tim Hodge

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Tim Hodge

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