Sydney Review: George & King

Let me start with this (you can stop watching after about 10 seconds and carry on reading): 

George & King is a men’s tailor based in Sydney. I first heard about them when they arranged a pop up shop on the ground floor of the building I work in. I had a bit of a look at their website and booked myself in for a measuring. They took my full suit measurements and set me up with an account on their website where I can access and update them at any time. They gave me some advice on suits and shirts and then I could browse their range of fabrics. I decided just to go for a shirt ($99 for a custom tailored shirt is pretty awesome!), and although their suits look incredible (I love the Don Draper one!) and are pretty reasonably priced, I decided to leave that for another time.

Anywho, I picked out the fabric I wanted; a pink gingham, and offset it with a bit of blue gingham detailing. I chose the fit (slim, naturally) as well as the collar and cuffs. Today it arrived, I tried it on and… it fits like a glove. I’ve never had a better fitting shirt and the fabric feels amazing. All the little details make it look awesome. I’ll definitely be buying another one in the future.

20130520-193545.jpgEdit: Just for full disclosure, since posting this George & King contacted me offering me a pair of cufflinks for saying nice things about them. I accepted, because, well, I could do with some cufflinks. This was NOT arranged beforehand and everything I wrote about them is honest and sincere. I wanted to write about them because of their excellent service and products.


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Tim Hodge

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