Stuff I’ve been doing – May 2017

Another month and another load of stuff that I’ve been listening to, watching, reading and doing. As always, I hope some of this stuff resonates with you but let me know if you have cool recommendations. Always on the lookout for new stuff.

Stuff I’ve been listening to

It’s been a fairly standard month. Mostly I’ve just been trying to keep on top of podcasts. I haven’t really had chance to sit down and listen to any records.

I bought an FM radio alarm clock so I’ve been waking up to classical music instead of my iPhone. It also means I can move my iPhone away from my bedside table to I don’t play on it when I should be sleeping. I’ve been listening to a bit of classical music before bed – just whatever’s on the radio.

The label Mello Music had a digital sale on BandCamp so I bought some of Oddisee’s back catalogue. I haven’t listened to it all but The Beauty in All and Rock Creek Park are incredible instrumental hip-hop albums. I thoroughly recommend them.

Stuff I’ve been watching

One of the best things I watched this month was the Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell Live. I saw him on this tour and it was awesome. I could watch this again and again.

I finally watched Billy Connolly’s High Horse. In fact I watched it twice in the space of a week or so. It’s hilarious. It’s incredibly sad to see Billy in poor health but he’s as cutting and funny as ever.

The video below is predictably packed full of bad language.

More stand-up comedy included Romesh Ranganathan’s Irrational. It was decent.

I saw Hidden Figures which was fairly schmaltzy but decent all the same. I’m not one for tacked on love stories and that was the weakest part of this movie but otherwise it was fairly uplifting and a good story.

Another emotional movie that I’d been wanting to see for a while was Philomena. Luckily it was on iPlayer. Judi Dench and Steve Coogan put in excellent performances in what is a pretty horrible story.

I’ve been watching AFL on TV and thankfully the Swannies got their first win. It was against Brisbane and Buddy scored a hatful including this bomb. Unfortunately we also narrowly lost to Hawthorn which means it’s going to be very hard to reach the finals.

Doctor Who and Have I Got News For You are keeping me entertained on a weekly basis.

Stuff I’ve been reading

I finally finished The Blizzard and moved onto Pete Brown’s Three Sheets To The Wind. The latter is wonderfully written. It’s the kind of book I can sail through and read ten or twenty pages without realising, chuckling all the way through.

A stand out article I read was the Guardian’s Great British Brexit Robbery. It’s truly fantastic journalism by Carole Cadwalladr. Scary stuff.

More beer blogs, caught up with some Good Beer Hunting (including this piece on Big Beer’s acquisition strategy and this piece on how GBH is run). Bryan Roth’s This is Why I’m Drunk and Larsblog are both consistently interesting.

Stuff I’ve been doing

At the start of the month I went to a beer tasting event with John Keeling of Fullers at Bucket Boys. Keeling is forthright in his opinions but clearly very passionate about the big wide beer world and the history that has led us here. I tasted a range of Fullers beer which hold up very well as they’re imported into Australia.

I spent a bit of time chatting to Topher of Wildflower Brewing & Blending for the website. I also drank the first blends of his beers. I loved the cheeky bottle of Table beer he gave me, it was beautiful.

Enjoyed this @wildflowerbeer Table beer immensely tonight. Thank you @topherboehm

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A lot of time this month was spent writing for SydneyBeer but I also managed to write a quick post here on the Leeds squad and who should stay and who should go. I was thrilled by the takeover but gutted to see Garry Monk leave shortly after.

I also managed to get locked out of the house as someone broke a key off in the lock. It was rough as I spent a night wandering around Chippendale, dozing off on my doorstep and at Central station, and making the guy at 7/11 feel very uncomfortable. The following week I was awoken at 3:45 by the smoke alarm. Someone had left a pan on the stove and the house was filled with smoke. It took a week to get rid of the smell.

The day after getting locked out I went down to the Southern Highlands with Callum. I spent too much on pastries, sweets, jams, chutneys and honeys, as well as wine. I always love it down there even when I’m feeling a bit rough from spending all night locked out.

Very productive day in the southern highlands!

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At the end of the month was GABS. As a beer festival it’s great. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time after looking on in envy as people enjoyed it in Melbourne the week before. I was asked to participate in one of the evening sessions entitled “Crystal Balls”. It was a discussion about the Sydney beer scene and where it’s going.

GABS was great fun. I think Callum enjoyed it too.

Fun day at #gabs2017!

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With all the beer and food I’ve been struggling to run. My legs are in pieces.

It’s been a packed month.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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Tim Hodge

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I'm Tim, a human being living in Sydney, Australia. I spend a lot of time despairing over Leeds United and the rest of it writing, making/looking at art, reading, watching films and dabbling in SEO, social media and content marketing.
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