Stuff I’ve been doing – June 2017

Throughout June I’ve done a lot. It’s been a great month for music but less so for my waistline. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve enjoyed in the hope that you might enjoy it too. Hit me up with any recommendations.

Stuff I’ve been listening to

I bought a few new records; Relaxer by Alt-J, Live at York Minster by Laura Marling and Planetarium, the surprise release from Sufjan Stevens and a number of other collaborators.

This release hadn’t crossed my radar. What a pleasant surprise.

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I also picked up a British first pressing of Midnight in Paris by Duke Ellington.

Something I forgot I’d ordered finally arrived. There were some vinyl pressing issues with The Odd Tape by Oddisee but I finally got it in the mail.

I’ve cut back on some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to. But I’m still tempted by others.

Stuff I’ve been watching

I worked my way through the entire season of House of Cards. It’s madder than previous seasons.

I watched Logan. It was supposed to be good. It wasn’t. Why will I never learn with these comic book movies?

Doctor Who and Have I Got News For You keep on rolling. And it’s good to have Mock The Week back, especially around the election, although episode two of this series was one of the funniest I’ve seen for ages. I also watched Frankie Boyle’s New World Order which is alright.

Live From the BBC started, the first episode featured Sarah Pascoe who I really like from her stuff on Mock The Week. The second was Doc Brown who is always brilliant.

One of the best things I watched this month was Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime. The man’s a legend and an inspiration. Just watching him interact with the world is wonderful and hilarious.

BBC4 has been having a celebration of Japan this month. There’s been a few good documentaries, particularly Ryan Gander: The Idea of Japan and The Art of Japanese Life.

Also on iPlayer was Ian Hislop’s documentary on immigration: Who Should We Let In? Ian Hislop on the First Great Immigration Row and George Best: All By Himself. Both moving and tragic for different reasons.

Obviously I’ve been watching the Sydney Swans whenever they’ve been on TV. The one point win after the siren against Essendon was insane! I watched these highlights again and I still wasn’t sure that Sydney would win. Seriously, even if you’ve never seen a game of AFL before in your life, watch this!

I finally started watching the latest season of Veep. There’s been plenty of laugh out loud moments already.

Stuff I’ve been reading

I finished Pete Brown’s Three Sheets To The Wind. I’ve started reading The Brewmaster’s Table by Garrett Oliver.

This exciting blog about potential locations for Wes Anderson films caught my attention. It’ll give you a tingly nerdy feeling.

I stumbled across this very old piece in Wired. It’s a long read about a journalist who tries to disappear, triggering a man hunt. It’s very interesting.

In the last few days the latest issue of The Blizzard landed in my mailbox. It’s one of the most beautiful covers yet. I’m a couple of articles into it.

This is one my favourite Blizzard covers so far!

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Stuff I’ve been doing

I went up to Katoomba over the long weekend. The fog was insane. Safe to say it wasn’t the day to see the Three Sisters. I also visited again last weekend for the winter markets.

I saw Laura Marling at the Opera House. She was way more rock n roll-y than I’d seen her before. In fact it was one of the loudest concerts I’ve seen at the Opera House. She’s genuinely charming and endearing but I knew that already. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with her tbh. It also provided a catalyst for my enjoyment of Semper Femina.

I finally visited Costco such is my commitment to sustainable local produce. That’s a joke. I know it’s crap. But a warehouse full of wholesale size goods excites the idiot child in me. I’m trying to reconcile it.

Callum’s birthday was this month so, after the winter markets in Katoomba, we had a few beers, watched Kevin Bridges, and then went for beer and burgers at High Street Social in Penrith.

I picked up Mario Kart 7 and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS. Both are fun. I played a bit of FIFA for the first time in ages too. Still not loving it and not sure whether I’ll bother with FIFA 18 when it comes out.

Over the last month or two I’ve missed a few games of football over the weekends. I’ve got back into it in the last couple of weeks but I’m really feeling it in my hips. Feel like I’m getting old.

I’ve been enjoying pancakes a few times and I baked a maple cinnamon apple crumble which was decent.

I’m trying not to think about British politics as my postal vote didn’t arrive in time.

July should be an interesting month. I’m kind of over winter now.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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