Stuff I’ve been doing – January 2017

We’re already through the first month of 2017. So here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month. Hopefully you can enjoy some of this stuff too. Let me know if you have recommendations.

Stuff I’ve been listening to

I started the month catching up on a lot of podcasts that I’d fallen behind on over Christmas and New Year.

I got into A Winged Victory For The Sullen. I’ve been listening on Soundcloud but I want to pick up at least one of their records on vinyl.

Another Soundcloud playlist that came to my attention was this winter playlist full of beautiful ambient music.

Otherwise I bought a couple of Gomez records in Tokyo, along with a beautiful 7″ from a Japanese artist – it’s super funky/jazzy singer-songwriter stuff. It’s great.

Along with that 7″, I picked up a CD of MGF – Float in the Dark from Jet Set Records in Shimokitazawa. It’s really funky, electronic Japanese hip-hop. I like it.

I wish I’d spent more time researching Japanese music before I went to Tokyo. I would’ve liked to buy some more, particularly given the amount of time I spent in record stores. However, since getting back to Sydney I’ve done a bit of research and these have struck me as being pretty cool…

I also got In A Safe Place by The Album Leaf on vinyl. It’s an album that I’ve loved for a while and I’ve remained on the lookout for the LP. I’m glad I got it.

Oddisee dropped a free track which I liked too.

Stuff I’ve been watching

Sherlock has obviously been at the top of my TV agenda. I also watched a David Bowie documentary on iPlayer, focused on the last five years of his life. It was inspiring and moving.

I also went to the cinema and saw La La Land. It took me thirty minutes or so to get into it but after that I loved it. It’s sexy, full of nostalgia and Hollywood tradition and the musical motif throughout it is beautiful. I left tapping my toes.

Another film I finally got round to seeing was Fantastic Beasts. It had that original Harry Potter magic and excitement but with the darkness of the later books/films. I approve.

One of my goals this year is to go to the cinema more. I also saw Lion which was everything people said it would be. I was welling up throughout. Go see it. Go see it and be ready to sob uncontrollably. It’ll rip your heart from your chest.

Other than that I’ve been watching Doukara’s thunderous volley for Leeds against Notts Forest on repeat. Don’t really rate him as a player but it’s a sensational goal!

Stuff I’ve been reading

I read Murakami’s memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. It was another inspirational piece. I then moved onto Phil Brown’s A Man Walks Into A Pub. Both are beautifully easy to read books that I just glided through. I’ve realised, more than a story, it’s this sensation that gives me the most pleasure in reading.

Other stuff I’ve been doing

Australia Day happened. I would like the day to be moved, or even for employers to make their own stand by asking people to work on the 26th but giving another day off in lieu. I spent the morning running (22km that day) and then had some awesome beers at The Royal Albert Hotel, even making a cameo appearance on the Sessionable podcast.

I finally bought a new turntable and I’ve been looking for another cartridge. I have it narrowed down to three but just trying to work out which one I want. There are millions of records I want to buy too.

I’ve also started to think about where I might head on holiday this year. Would love to go back to Tokyo, and Chicago and Hawaii are appealing a lot. If I head back to Europe I want to go to Belgium but I’m not sure how likely that is. Tasmania and New Zealand are far more realistic, so if you have recommendations for either of those let me know.

I plan to continue these monthly posts this year so let me know if there’s stuff I should check out.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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