Review of 2017 AFL predictions

My AFL predictions this year were wrong, very wrong. Although, I got five out of the top 8 correct which isn’t too bad in such a mad season. Admittedly, I didn’t predict any of the top eight in the right position.

Below are my original predictions and how the ladder actually finished ahead of the finals, as well as comments on how each team did against my predictions.

You can read my original predictions here.

Either way, bring on the finals!!


  1. Hawthorn
  2. Sydney
  3. GWS
  4. Geelong
  5. Adelaide
  6. Western Bulldogs
  7. West Coast
  8. St Kilda
  9. Melbourne (I got one right)!
  10. North Melbourne
  11. Collingwood
  12. Essendon
  13. Port Adelaide
  14. Richmond
  15. Gold Coast
  16. Fremantle
  17. Carlton
  18. Brisbane

Actual ladder

  1. Adelaide
  2. Geelong
  3. Richmond
  4. GWS
  5. Port Adelaide
  6. Sydney
  7. Essendon
  8. West Coast
  9. Melbourne
  10. Western Bulldogs
  11. St Kilda
  12. Hawthorn
  13. Collingwood
  14. Fremantle
  15. North Melbourne
  16. Carlton
  17. Gold Coast
  18. Brisbane

Hawthorn – I probably couldn’t have been more wrong in my prediction. They came alright towards the end of the season. And at least my predictions couldn’t get any worse than this. Could they?

Sydney Swans – An incredibly bad start left us in 6th which ended up being a monumental achievement. But the late run means it actually feels like we’re better than some of the teams above us.

GWS – I had them in 3rd, they finished 4th. They probably should have finished 3rd. At least they didn’t run away with it.

Geelong – I said they’d be “there or thereabouts. As always.” I was right. I had them down as 4th but they finished 2nd.

Adelaide – I knew they’d be up there but didn’t expect them to be quite as good as they were. Eddie Betts was predictably awesome.

Western Bulldogs – I thought they’d drop down but not as far as they did. They ended up in 10th. The Bont didn’t shine as brightly as last year.

West Coast – I predicted “Josh Kennedy will kick them into the eight” and I was right but only just.

St Kilda – They looked like they were fighting for the eight as I expected them to but they ended up down in 11th.

Melbourne – I had them in 9th and they finished in 9th. Okay, only just but at least I got one right.

North Melbourne – Below average this year. Worse than last.

Collingwood – I said they were “on the rise but still bang average”. I was right in that and they could’ve risen to the lofty heights of my predicted 11th if it weren’t for the constant speculation around the future of Nathan Buckley. Maybe now his future is sorted they’ll jump from 13 to 11 next year.

Essendon – They did better than I expected. I thought it would take a couple of years but they scraped into the eight.

Port Adelaide – I said they’d be “nothing special this year”. They finished above the Swans! But it doesn’t feel like they should’ve. Either way, fair play to them.

Richmond – Okay, if I was incredibly wrong with Hawthorn I was probably equally wrong with Richmond. They had a great season led by Dusty. Predicted 14th, finished 3rd.

Gold Coast – Even worse than I expected.

Fremantle – I said they’d be “weekly disappointments” and I was kind of right. They just weren’t quite as bad as I expected.

Carlton – I had them in 17, they finished in 16. Stand by my original comment: “Give it a few years and they’ll be back up. Not this year though.”

Brisbane – As I predicted, “absolute garbage”.

All this goes to show is that this pommy still knows nothing about AFL despite occasional claims to the contrary. I should keep my mouth shut. (But it was a really weird season, so you know, I can be excused, right?)

As I said above, bring on finals footy!!

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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Tim Hodge

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