One year in Australia

It’s flown by but I’ve now been in Australia a whole year.

I can’t believe how different my life is now. I have a challenging job which is fulfilling and enjoyable, I live in a great part of a brilliant city and I have a wonderful girlfriend. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy.

Getting on the plane a year ago was pretty terrifying. I was sad to say goodbye to my family but it was an opportunity I was desperate to take. I’m thankful I had a good mate in Jordan waiting for me on the other side. I am super grateful to his family for all their help and support. I visited the UK for Christmas and loved seeing family and friends. Their happiness for me made me certain I’d made the right decision.

Australia and Sydney keep on surprising me. I have become immersed in Australian culture (believe me, look hard enough and it is there!) and I’m loving it more and more all the time as I adopt a new lifestyle and try new things.

I won’t go on about how great my life is because I know how tedious that is but I felt it necessary to put a few words down to mark the occasion.  Now maybe I’ll go out and treat myself to a schooner of something cold.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge lives and works in Sydney. He specialises in web content including SEO and social media. He also writes about craft beer, art, culture and football.

Feel free to contact him on Twitter @timothyhodge, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Tim Hodge

About Tim Hodge

I'm Tim, a human being living in Sydney, Australia. I spend a lot of time despairing over Leeds United and the rest of it writing, making/looking at art, reading, watching films and dabbling in SEO, social media and content marketing.
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