Email marketing and measuring sentiment

As most marketers, particularly those working with any form of analytics, will know, numbers on their own rarely give you the whole truth.

For example, yesterday I received an email from an Australian supermarket who I’ve previously used for online shopping. The subject line was “We have something exciting to tell you”. Normally I delete these emails without a second thought but this subject grabbed me (good work by them). I was hoping they’d overhauled their online shopping system, or at least were offering some good discounts. On opening the email, the first thing that caught my eye was a call to action (at least they got that part right), telling me to browse Jamie Oliver’s recipes. I already know Jamie Oliver and the supermarket are working together, you can hardly miss it in store and on advertisements. But where was the exciting part? I quickly scrolled up and down and became frustrated, there was no big announcement, nothing following up on the promise in the subject line and certainly nothing even remotely exciting (I should have guessed).

Their email marketing team will see that I’ve opened it, if others reacted like me, they may even see an increase in open rates. However, they won’t be measuring the fact that the failure to follow up on the subject line kind of annoyed me. The email was a let down and, although a slight exaggeration, I felt somewhat deceived.

I’d hope an organisation the size of this particular supermarket has some in depth analysis taking place behind the scenes which can give them a more accurate measure of sentiment based on user/recipient behaviour. If anyone knows of this process I’d be interested in hearing about it. (i.e. what metrics are combined to accurately measure sentiment, if this is even possible.)

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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