AFL 2018 Predictions

I realised last year how utterly futile this exercise is but nevertheless I find myself predicting how the AFL ladder will look at the end of the home and away season. This is how everything will (or won’t) unfold.

If I’ve got a single position correct come the end of August I’ll be amazed!

  1. GWS
  2. Geelong
  3. Sydney
  4. Adelaide
  5. Richmond
  6. Port Adelaide
  7. Melbourne
  8. Western Bulldogs
  9. Essendon
  10. St Kilda
  11. Hawthorn
  12. West Coast
  13. Collingwood
  14. Carlton
  15. Fremantle
  16. Brisbane
  17. North Melbourne
  18. Gold Coast

I think the top 6 are pretty hard to pick. It’s about time GWS turned into a monster and dominated. Geelong‘s midfield is too damn exciting to see them falling away.

Sydney will have Buddy kicking goals and be thereabouts but not quite. Adelaide will be really good but just a step behind the top 3 throughout.

Richmond will start well but fall away. Port will have a decent season. Melbourne will make the finals and come close.

Bulldogs will scrape into the 8 with Essendon just missing out.

St Kilda will look promising but never quite deliver. Hawthorn will be steadily building this season.

West Coast will be great at home, terrible away. Collingwood will be distinctly average for the most part but still put on a few good games.

Carlton will have glimmers of hopefulness and promise but fall short when it counts. Fremantle will pass by mostly unnoticed.

Brisbane will be poor but only North and Gold Coast will be worse.

Can’t wait.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

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