3 recent social media stories that caught my eye

I’ve picked out three social media stories from the last couple of weeks that caught my eye. 

1)      Kellog’s – Epic Twitter fail, whereby they pledged meals for vulnerable children in return for RTs. Charity campaigns shouldn’t rely on people advertising for you. Poor form, Kellog’s.

2)      Tesco Mobile (and accomplices) – Bizarre, odd, brilliant Twitter ramblings which started with Tesco Mobile’s response to mockery of their brand, to a full-on Twitter party featuring some of the UK’s favourite brands.

3)      John Lewis – The department store didn’t miss out on the opportunity for some good PR when they discovered the nicest man in the world, @JohnLewis, redirecting hundreds of people to the correct Twitter account.

Okay, here’s a fourth just because I like you

Those three were about brands, what about people? Social = people, right? This story about a social media campaign encouraging people to attend the funeral of a war veteran who had no friends or family is truly touching and heartwarming.

Social media is a powerful tool for people and businesses alike.

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge lives and works in Sydney. He specialises in web content including SEO and social media. He also writes about craft beer, art, culture and football.

Feel free to contact him on Twitter @timothyhodge, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Tim Hodge

About Tim Hodge

I'm Tim, a human being living in Sydney, Australia. I spend a lot of time despairing over Leeds United and the rest of it writing, making/looking at art, reading, watching films and dabbling in SEO, social media and content marketing.
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