Wanting to do things vs wanting to get things done

Recently I’ve realised I spend more time wanting to get things done than doing things I want to do.

The difference being, I’m focused on ticking things off a to-do list rather than spending time on enjoyable activities.

Sometimes, when I allow life to become to busy, the hustle and bustle turns things I want to do into things I want to get done.

For example, I started writing about beer because I love it. I enjoyed writing and exploring the Sydney beer scene. However, if I’ve set myself a deadline for a review or feature article, it becomes another thing on the list that I need to tick off.

The same can be said for reading, exercising and even listening to records. Sometimes I feel like I have something to do so I need shoe horn it in around other things and tick it off the list.

It’s not really a resolution but I’m going to try to be more aware of when this happens. And to worry less about the boring chores that get in the way of the fun stuff.

I said this last year though. I would (and still do sometimes) stress when I have cooking, cleaning, laundry or grocery shopping to do and it’s getting in the way of more enjoyable activities. I need to be less focused on the chores and prioritise the fun stuff.

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Inspired, busy, productive

This blog has been neglected far too long. It’s strange then, that I should return to it when I feel like I’m busier than ever. So I take to this personal blog with an unashamedly self-involved post.

I’ve claimed to be busy over the last few months but really I’ve just been pretending. Filling time with household chores and admin, while cramming in exercise and ‘downtime’ (read: PlayStation), I’ve hardly been productive.

The last few weeks, however, I’ve actually felt something close to inspiration. I feel busy, my mind feels active. Continue reading

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