In or Out: Leeds United going into the 2014/2015 season

Recently this has become one of my favourite times of year. The end of the football season. Finally, some respite from the constant abject misery that I’ve had to endure for the last eight months.

Like many other Leeds United fans I’ve run my completely unprofessional eye over the current squad and have decided who is deserving of a second (third, fourth?) chance and who Massimo Cellino should make disappear. I’ve tried to be moderately realistic with this, considering what is and isn’t likely to happen with contracts and the current market for lazy, has-been journeymen.  Continue reading

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Football support and a sense of community

I read this post on Moz about building a sense of community which I urge you to read. It is specifically focussed on online communities, which I’m interested in, but the principles could also be applied “IRL”. However, the example I am going to relate it to, supporting a football club, straddles both the physical and online worlds, in that much of a modern football fan’s support is played out on social media, on blogs and in forums and across website comment sections.

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One year in Australia

It’s flown by but I’ve now been in Australia a whole year.

I can’t believe how different my life is now. I have a challenging job which is fulfilling and enjoyable, I live in a great part of a brilliant city and I have a wonderful girlfriend. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy.

Getting on the plane a year ago was pretty terrifying. I was sad to say goodbye to my family but it was an opportunity I was desperate to take. I’m thankful I had a good mate in Jordan waiting for me on the other side. I am super grateful to his family for all their help and support. I visited the UK for Christmas and loved seeing family and friends. Their happiness for me made me certain I’d made the right decision.

Australia and Sydney keep on surprising me. I have become immersed in Australian culture (believe me, look hard enough and it is there!) and I’m loving it more and more all the time as I adopt a new lifestyle and try new things.

I won’t go on about how great my life is because I know how tedious that is but I felt it necessary to put a few words down to mark the occasion.  Now maybe I’ll go out and treat myself to a schooner of something cold.

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Short reviews of films I’ve seen recently

Over the past few months I’ve rekindled my love of cinema. Here are a few snapshot reviews of films I’ve seen recently.

Gravity – I don’t like 3D. I never have. It’s always been a gimmick. But then there was Gravity. I was fortunate enough to see this in 3D at the Sydney IMAX (the world’s biggest screen!) and it was definitely the way to see it. Continue reading

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Flying home for Christmas

It’s been nine months since I moved to Sydney. I’ve loved every moment of it but right now I’m super excited to be “going home” for Christmas. I will be staying with my family for three weeks and enjoying my favourite time of year in England before shooting off to Thailand for New Year with my girlfriend. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas, how I get equally excited by seeing James Stewart or Tim Allen on TV and how both Nat King Cole and Wizzard make me freak out and dance. I will be doing things I love that I just can’t do in Australia; picking out and decorating a Christmas tree, visiting my grandma and old friends, as well as shouting myself hoarse watching Leeds United. I am scared by the concept of an Australian Christmas, spending the day by the beach or the pool in 40 degree heat, eating seafood or having a barbecue. I’ll do it one day but maybe I’m still acclimatising.

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