Inspired, busy, productive

This blog has been neglected far too long. It’s strange then, that I should return to it when I feel like I’m busier than ever. So I take to this personal blog with an unashamedly self-involved post.

I’ve claimed to be busy over the last few months but really I’ve just been pretending. Filling time with household chores and admin, while cramming in exercise and ‘downtime’ (read: PlayStation), I’ve hardly been productive.

The last few weeks, however, I’ve actually felt something close to inspiration. I feel busy, my mind feels active. Continue reading

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Teaching creativity

There is a problem with how we educate children to be creative. I think back to my high school art classes and how I was taught. The idea that was allowed to perpetuate was that artists constantly search for inspiration and it was the great artists who had found it.

Later on, in art school, I learned artistic processes revolving around playing, experimenting and documenting. Even though this might seem similar to the activities you remember from high school art, the thinking behind it was very different. Continue reading

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Copywriting is a prerequisite for inbound marketing

I remember my first serious leap into copywriting for the web; contributing to blogs and writing articles. I soon learned that I needed to get to grips with the principles of something called “search engine optimisation”. As far as I could tell there were lots of complicated technical parts to do with servers, HTML and hyperlinks. In terms of copywriting there were logical steps such as including keywords in the headline and body. This made sense and I soon learnt how to write copy that search engines and, 95% of the time, users would love.  Continue reading

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